Monday 25 February 2019

Network Contact, 14th December, 2018. Part of the Gallery Interlude Series at Lucky Lane.

Gallery Interlude is a joint project between Contact Studios and Lucky Lane.  The exhibition 'Network Contact' opened Friday 14th December 2018.  The show celebrated 21 years since Contact studios was established and shows work from 16 members, past and present. 

As outlined by Carl Doran, Director of Contact Studios and one of the project leaders in Gallery Interlude, in the press statement 'The exhibition is not so much an overview of the lasting legacy of Contact as a local, national, and international bedrock for the Visual Arts and Artists, but is rather a sampling of artistic disciplines and approaches from Contact members. Here we celebrate the bonds formed and the interconnection we share having benefited from Contact Studios as place of work, social space, and long term incubator of ideas and community spirit.'

Machine Operated. Oil and mixed media on paper, A3 size.
 This is the work I included in the show.  I had been reading about robotic women in an article in the 'Irish Times' around the time I was thinking of making a new work for this show. So this is what I drew!

As always huge thanks to the Gallery Interlude team, Lucky Lane and The Glen Tavern. 



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