Monday 25 September 2017

Tonal Patterns at Lyric FM, Cornmarket Square, Limerick.

This year for Culture Night RTE Lyric FM asked four artists to display their art digitally on the Lyric FM windows at Cornmarket Square, Limerick. Gerry Davis, Maurice Quillinan, and I provided images of work that illustrate the making of a painting as it progresses, while Jennifer Shaughnessy has a piece of animation. Each artist also choose a track of music that they use in their studio that informs their mood and their work. Many thanks to Lyric for the opportunity and to Grace O’Sullivan at Lyric for putting all the work together.

Here is the introduction I wrote for my work and choice of music and underneath the link to the display.

My studio is more than a place for painting its somewhere to think and write away for daily distractions.  Music adds to the sanctuary of the space.   
When painting I stand for long periods, and sometimes, as I move back and forth, music forms a rhythm as I make a piece of work. It influences my mood and has the power to energise or relax depending on the intensity or gentleness of the piece. So music may not be visible like paint on the canvas, but it is there!  
The song I have chosen and one I return to again and again, from my somewhat eclectic mix ranging from Puccini to Kings of Leon, is Etta James singing ‘Stormy Weather’.  This soulful song with it slow pace and her smoky voice make me immediately slow down, relax my shoulders and leave the world outside. And I do adore a sad love song. 

Wednesday 13 September 2017

Plein Air Painting in Adare

Draiocht Art Gallery in Adare ran a plein air event on Saturday 26th August, 2017.  Andrew, the gallery director, put huge work into the organisation of the event and it seemed that he ordered wonderful weather for it too!  Having never taken part in anything like this before, and having packed more paint and materials than I would use in a year, I went to my allocated spot by the river and had a most wonderful day. It is certainly something I would do again.
Here are a few photos of my day as the work progressed.

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