Wednesday 9 September 2015

'One Summer… after the Rain' at Galway University Hospital

'One Summer… after the Rain' is the title of my exhibition at Galway University Hospital that runs from July to September 2015.  The work is situated in the main foyer of the hospital and also along the hospital's Arts Corridor.  
It is wonderful to have an opportunity to show some of my larger work in this venue and given Galway's seaside location I choose to include some works of people beside the water to exhibit here.  One particularly large piece, 'Gaze' which is 2.1 meters by 1.8 meters is located just inside the entrance.  
 'Gaze' Oil on Canvas, located in the Foyer of GUH. 
 'One Summer ... after the rain'  Oil on Canvas.
 Margaret Flannery, Arts Director,  GUH and Nuala O'Sullivan at the Arts Corridor
Image from the Arts Corridor GUH.