Tuesday 20 December 2016

Travels and exhibitions

I have just returned from a trip to Penang in Malaysia and then Australia where I had a chance to visit Melbourne and the current exhibitions at the National Gallery of Victoria. While both places were totally different it was great to see examples of art, firstly in a street setting in Georgetown, Penang, and later in a gallery in Melbourne. I am including just a few photographs here on the blog.  I am hoping that some of the sights and experiences from my travels will filter into my own work over the coming months.

Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia
This city is a city of contradictions. On the outskirts of the city there are stunning beaches, in the centre of the city are remnants of formal colonial buildings and in the old town,  a UNESCO world heritage site, there are examples of many original buildings. 
Love Lane in Georgetown, Penang

Tiles decorating the walkways in Georgetown, Penang

Street Art in Georgetown, Penang

Street Art in Georgetown, Penang

National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne.
During my visit to the NGV in Melbourne there were two really interesting exhibition on show. I attended one of their Friday evening summer events (in November of course), a casual affair, where there is music in the atrium area and food and drink available too.   

Firstly I saw, David Hockney:Current.  This exhibition includes painting, video, digital art and drawings.  Also included was the really interesting '82 portraits and one still life' some of which is  shown below.

David Hockney. '82 Portraits and 1 still life' at NGV, Melbourne

David Hockney artwork at NGV, Melbourne
Viktor and Rolf: Fashion Artists are also showing. The Dutch fashion label celebrates 25 years in 2017 and the exhibition coincides with this as it runs into early next year.  It has work from many collection and videos of runway shows. 

Viktor and Rolf installation at NGV, Melbourne

Viktor and Rolf installation at NGV, Melbourne

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