Monday 13 June 2011

‘The Other Woman’ An exhibition of paintings.

 The Arts Corridor and Foyer at University Hospital Galway.

My most recent exhibition opened in Galway University Hospital on Friday 3rd June, 2011. For me this is a very different venue  in which to show my work.   Large paintings hang in the foyer of the hospital near the reception area and where people sit to have coffee. The space is busy all the time, such a contrast from the more restrained gallery setting, and it is really interesting how different the work feels in these different locations. The images alongside show some of 
the work on the Arts Corridor of the hospital.

The exhibition was launched by James C Harrold, Galway City Arts Officer, who works closely with the University Hospital’s Arts Trust.    This is a really interesting and worthwhile project, bringing art into the hospital foyer and corridors!

Also showing in The Arts Corridor Space is Eithna Joyce, with her exhibition ‘A Whispering Landscape’.

The show runs throughout the summer, so check it out if you are in Galway.

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